24 Steps to Creating an Awesome Teacher Blog


Interested in starting a teacher blog or do you want to learn something more specific? Then I’ve got your back. These how-to tips will help you get your blog up and running so that you can share your teaching tips with the world. However, you can always simply share them right here from the Teach Junkie community too and skip right to the sharing part {wink}.

These tips will mainly focus on “how to” tips for using blogger.com since it is the most popular choice among teacher bloggers. If you are interested in using WordPress, then I recommend checking out Blogging With Amy for some starter tips. If you are wondering about the limitations of Blogger then you can also find that information out – otherwise it’ll be personal preference to make your decision.

Teach Junkie: 24 Steps to Creating an Awesome Teacher Blog

24 Steps to Creating an Awesome Teacher Blog

Walk yourself through these steps as you take it day by day. Start small and work you way up! I didn’t give any specific blog design advice, but if you are feeling in need of some – check out steps 9 and 18. You can design your blogger.com blog yourself and be happy with it {wink} Many of us have done it! Take the early stages of your blogging days to work on defining who you are as your new awesome bloggy self.

The Basics

1. How to Start a Blog – Video

Tip! Be sure to pick a name that you’ll want to use as a username, will fit nicely onto a small square blog button and be a match to your teacherpreneuer shops if you have one or are even entertaining the idea of opening one someday. Your name will become your brand and your button will be widely recognized along with your name. It’s important {wink}

2. How to Get Your Own Domain

Tip! If you decide to go with blogger.com as your platform, then it’s worth it to purchase your domain through blogger. You’ll only have to pay $10 a year and you’ll get an email address to go with.

3. How to Post

Working Smart

4. How to Make Email Work for You – Not Overwhelm You

Work smart, use your email work for you. Make your email automatically be forwarded to your most-checked account (ahem… not your school address) and set up folders to keep records of your accounts you create for your blog. Later, try to use filters so that not everything gets dumped into your inbox and you can focus on what’s important and get to the other stuff when it works for you.

Tip! Create folders to organize blog comments, fb comments or product sales so you can read those things when its convenient for you.

5. Get Social – Focus on One

Tip! Pick one-two social media outlets to connect through. Don’t feel like you have to use them all. What will work best for you? Some love instagram, others love facebook or Pinterest.

6. Leave Personal Comments – Don’t Spam

Tip! If you don’t have anything specific to say about what you just read, don’t leave a comment. Make it personal, make it real.

7. How to Embed Documents

8. How to Link to Anything from a Picture/Image

Making It Your Own

9. How to Create a Photo

Tip! Can also be used to create a blog button, social media buttons, your blog background or header too {Anything really!}

10. How to Link Up to a Linky Party

11. How to Create Blog Button Code

12. How to Link Text

13. How to Insert Photos

14. How to Edit Photos

15. How to Create a Signature (See step 5)

Tip! If you learn how to create a photo, you can use this in your signature. You can type whatever you want into your signature – you don’t have to use code.

16. How to Place Subscription Sidebar Widgets

Refine It

17. How to Get Searched Better

18. How to Organize Your Blog

19. How to Add Adsense to Make Money

20. How to Make Money from Spam Email

21. How to Create Quality Content

Tip! Set yourself apart from the crowd by deciding what you will/won’t post about.

22. Rules of the Teacher Blog niche

  • Give credit to others with links
  • Be nice and speak positive
  • Personal comments go a long way
  • Don’t share colleague or student names or identifiable features
  • Spam isn’t welcome in any niche

23. Be Prepared

Tip! You may face negative feedback, crickets {silence} or times of writers funk. That happens to everyone. No need to apologize for blogging absences… Refrain from posting negative. Seriously. {wink}

24. Make it Comment Friendly

Tip! The easier you make it to comment for a reader, the more likely you are to receive feedback and kudos. If you want comments, say so at the end of your post as the “call to action.”

Of course this list is compiled is just my personal opinion and the list isn’t meant to be the end all be all. So, feel free to create your own list and upload it to the Teach Junkie community. {wink} We’d love to read your blogging tips.

More Blogging How-To Tips and Tutorials

I haven’t used all of these personally, but I think they just might come in handy if you’re learning your way around your blogging dashboard.

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    I’m just getting started blogging, and this resource has been incredibly helpful. Thank you!

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        Thanks! It’s nothing special yet, but I’m trying to do a little each day. I appreciate having the great guidance!

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    Thank you so much for this. I have just started my blog thanks to this post!