47 Elf On The Shelf Classroom Escapades and Resources

An elf visiting a classroom brings mischeif, learning and fun. How to do the Elf on the Shelf in the classroom is easy with these elf photos, elf name ideas, elf printables and what to do if someone touches the elf {{gasp}}. Elves are known to have magic and you can use that to your advantage teaching the weeks leading up  until Christmas.

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How to Welcome the Elf on the Shelf into Your Classroom - Teachjunkie.com

How to Welcome the Elf on the Shelf into Your Classroom

1. North Pole Delivery – Have a very chilly, frozen package decorated however you wish {glitter is good} delivered to your classroom. The more official looking, the better.

2. This Classroom is Under Elf Surveillance – Once your class is hooked, be sure to post your official “Under Elf Surveillance” posters around the room. Also makes a great picture taking spot for December.

Ways to Pose the Elf in the Classroom - TeachJunkie.com

Ways to Pose the Elf in the Classroom

3. Listening Center – Put your new friend into your listening center, all set up with headphones and a new audio book.

4. Playing a Board Game – Find a stuffed friend for your room to play a game like CandyLand and leave them to get caught in the act.

5. Captured by the Abominable Snowman – Have a fun Christmas or December themed plush toy? Stage a take-over for a day with them!

6. Naughty and Nice List – Put the teacher on the naughty list and all of the students on the nice list.

7. Marshmallow Bubble Bath – Fill one of your organization bins with mini-marshmallows so your new Santa-reporter can soak in sugar for the day.

Easy Ways to Pose the Elf on the Shelf - TeachJunkie.com

Easy Ways to Pose the Elf on the Shelf

8. Reading to “the Class” – Set up a class of good listeners using classroom stuffed animals and a teacher for the day with a good book. Just be sure you won’t need to use this space for the entire day!

9. Class Photo Mustaches – Perhaps a little graffiti on your classroom photo is just the right mix of mischief!

10. Reading in the Library Area – Set up a plush toy like the Grinch or another famous story character to read their own book to Santa’s helper in the library area or classroom reading nook.

11. Bucket Filler – If you like to use bucket filling as a positive behavior system, your December classroom visitor might want to test drive a bucket or two.

12. Rolled Up in Paper Towel – The easiest to set up on the list. Save this for when you have to run out the door before the next day. BE sure to have another dispenser or extra paper towels stashed away so he doesn’t have to be moved.

13. Sneaky Elf – What do you do if your kids all come in at the same time every day? The first students are always the first to spot the elf… well, leave a little sneaky elf surprise in an un-expecting student’s pencil box for a delayed reveal.

Classroom Elf Escapade Ideas - TeachJunkie.com

Classroom Elf Escapade Ideas

14. My Elf is Stolen! – Check out a week at a glance of some fun things you can do in your classroom and the trouble your elf can get you into.

15. Elves Rescued – Get your whole grade level team involved by surprising each other with moving their elf around. You might be surprised what they can come up with.

16. Grow Magical Elf Seeds – Plant tic tacs into a bed of sugar to grow “magical elf seeds.” Leave them to sprout into candy canes as a fun treat from the newest member of your classroom.

17. Grinch Jail – Do you like to have a grinch day? If so, on the day of the Grinch festivities set up a Grinch jail.

Photos of Elf on the Shelf in a Classroom - TeachJunkie.com

Using Photos of the Elf in the Classroom

18. Photocopy Selfie – Wouldn’t your students get a kick out of a dozen selfies from the photocopier being “spit out” from the classroom printer?

19. Desktop Screenshot – Have your mischievious buddy put his own photo onto your teacher or classroom computer desktop background.

20. iPad Screensavers – Make a fun photo of the elf become the background or screensaver to your classroom devices like iPads.

What to Do if Someone Touches the Elf on the Shelf - TeachJunkie.com

What to Do if Someone Touches the Elf {{Gasp}}

21. Emergency Elf Dust – We don’t want to think that it will happen… but here’s one teacher’s story so you can be prepared in case of emergency.

22. Set up a ‘Sick Bay’ – Use a tissue or Kleenex box as a hospital bed along with a “do not disturb” sign while he’s in recovery… and you’re deciding how to handle the situation.

23. Letter from Santa – Have Santa send an official letter and the solution to helping bring back the magic!

24. Magical Recovery Kit – Help get his magic back with this recovery kit and get the official certificate of health.

How to Name Your Class Elf - TeachJunkie.com

How to Name Your Class Elf

25. Class Vote – Have your class vote on which name they’d prefer. Use tallies, a graph or any data tool that fits into what you’re working on in the classroom.

26. Elf Names – This list of names is a great place to draw some suggestions from. Includes both boy and girl names.

27. Free Elf Writing Activity – Once your class has a name picker out, they can add some details about him/her as a quick writing activity.

Learning Activities - TeachJunkie.com

Learning Activities

28. Morning Message – Capture the excitement of your students starting on day one using a morning message or writing activity whole group to channel their energy into learning.

29. Elf Sentence Freebie – Have students use Christmas vocabulary words to create sentences. Great for working on writing conventions.

30. Introduce a New Book – Use one of your staging efforts to promote a new book you want to read to the classroom. Perfect if it’s brand new and a gift!

31. Elf Adjectives Anchor Chart – As the escapades ensue, create an anchor chart of adjectives to describe your elf. Be sure to encourage students to reference them during class work.

How to Wrap Up Elf on the Shelf Fun - TeachJunkie.com

How to Wrap Up Elf on the Shelf Fun

32. Letter From the Elf – When it’s time for the elf to leave, he can leave behind a note with permission to hug in order to make the transition a memorable one.

33. Message in Magnetic Letters – Use the materials you have in your classroom like magnetic letters to create a goodbye message.

34. Leaving Behind Treats – When it’s time for the elf to leave, he can write a note on your classroom white board along with leaving behind a candy-cane reindeer treat.

35. Brag Tags – Cute, printable brag tags are perfect way to wrap up the fun as a gift from the elf, Santa or to use an incentive during the week before Christmas break.

Elf Freebies - TeachJunkie.com

Printable Freebies

36. Printable Note Cards – Fun, Christmas themed printable cards are perfect for leaving around the room with your elf staging scenes.

37. Jokes from the Shelf – These are cute and kid-appropriate jokes to leave with your elf on a daily basis.

38. Elfing Around Activities – Have your students create a Christmas list and more with this pack of free printable acitvities.

39. Free Printable Elfisms – A pre-k pack of printables or a printable set of “elfisms” like quotes from an elf that are just perfect for classroom fun.

Elf Classroom Resources - TeachJunkie.com

Classroom Elf Resources

40. The Little Red Elf Read Aloud – Ideas on how to bring a cute story into classroom activities to connect with your classroom adventures.

41. Classroom Ideas – Unsure of how to go about starting the elf-capades in your own room? Use this video to help get the info you need to get started.

Elf Classroom Activities - TeachJunkie.com

Classroom Elf Activities

42. Secret Elf Pals – Buddy up your students to complete nice and thoughtful acts for one another during the Holiday season.

43. Elf on the Shelf Writing Paper – Two prompts about elves make this a quick ans simple printable for writing time.

44. Elf Application – What would your students say if they were applying for the job? Cute printable activity with limited writing for kindergarten or first.

Elf Alternatives - TeachJunkie.com

Classroom Elf Alternatives

45. Gnome on the Roam – Looking for something different? How about the gnome on the roam who bring new Christmas decorations or hot chocolate to the classroom.

46. Penguin on a Shelf – A visitor from the south pole may just be what your class needs in place of the elf. What fun could he bring with?

47. Gingerbread Adventures – Bring the magic by making gingerbread cookies and having them come to life. They don’t report to Santa but students will be reading and writing as they try many solutions to catch their runaway gingerbread cookies.

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