Who contributes to Teach Junkie?

The Teach Junkie community is the writing force behind what you see shared on the pages of Teach Junkie. Many members are full-time public school teachers, and many more are from different teaching backgrounds. Teachers share as they feel compelled.

How can I get updates?

Choose your preferred method of keeping tabs on the latest from Teach Junkie! Options include facebook, pinterest, rss, twitter.

  • Join in the conversation on our Facebook Page. If you like our page (and subscribe to notifications), then you’ll see some of our daily updates or be just a click away from visiting our page to see the latest.
  • Get posts straight to your email – includes free thank you gift. By doing so, you’ll get an email weekly with the best content from this website.

How can I contact Teach Junkie?

I welcome members of Teach Junkie to send me messages anytime. I love hearing from you! I prefer to respond through messages on facebook. Welcome to Teach Junkie – We are excited to have you join us!

Is everything free?

Yes! From time to time, you may see a promotion but it will be clearly labeled with a disclaimer. All ideas collected and shared on teachjunkie.com are free.

How do I get the free downloads or activities?

If you’re reading a post and want to navigate to the activity, free download or continue reading for more information – click on the link at the bottom of the post.

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How do I get my free subscriber gift?

When you subscribe to our email updates, I include a link to your free gift of classroom printable posters in your email. There’s no waiting! Once you’ve clicked on the link in your email, they’re yours to print and use.

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How do I get Teacher T-Shirts?

Teacher T-shirts can be found for GREAT prices from my shop: Teacher T-shirts. I like adding new designs regularly and I’m always open to ideas for new shirts!