Last Day of School 10 Day Balloon Countdown

The last day of school is coming! With lots of fun ways to celebrate the last day of school, this 10 day countdown just might be a favorite. You can set up this countdown to the last day of school with very little time and can even tweak it to fit the number of days you have left.

If you’re gearing up for the end of the year you just might want to add this to your must-do list!

Last Day of School 10 Day Balloon Countdown - Teach Junkie

Fun Last Day of School Countdown

Create a list of fun and simple things you could do each day for the last ten days of school. This teacher has a list ready to go with ideas like using ink pens for a day or rearranging the room.

Fill ten colorful balloons with a fun thing each day and pop one balloon everyday.

Keep the fun and excitement with simple tweaks like this to make the end of the year go smoothly…


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