Glue Bottle Whoas…


I’m an admitted school supply junky!

I LOVE back to school supply sales and all the great tools I can nab at the dollar spot… HOWEVER… glue is one supply that puts a little more than a little fear in me! especially when working with First Graders and the sloopy, wet stuff!

A WISE mentor teacher gave me this catchy song about 6 years ago and it’s been a staple for the beginning of the year for me! It hangs on a large chart in the front of my room all year long!

I find that music helps form a pathway to my firsties’ brain memory sector…

Glue Bottle Whoas...

I’ve found this song to be a great way to help my kiddos remember to close that top on their bottle and be sure to wipe it off so there’s no more spills without too much hassle… Hop over to ‘The Swamp’ and take a look at how I’m using this song at the beginning of the year and while you’re there…

Snag some free printable handouts to that I created to help me tame my fear of the glue monster!

If you have some words of wisdom on how you deal with the glue bottle in your room, I’d love to hear from you… I’m taking all the advice I can get on the glue factor!

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