Free Add Subtract Large Numbers Game Board

Use maths games to work on adding and subtracting large numbers. Here is a free printable download of a math game board to practice how to add and subtract large numbers. Students can use regrouping or borrowing skills to move towards the finish line using dice and marker pieces. Students will enjoy this game over a worksheet any day!

Free Add Subtract Large Numbers Game Board - Teach Junkie

Adding and Subtracting Large Numbers Game

Adding and subtracting large numbers, especially when it requires borrowing or regrouping is a challenging math skill for many young learners. If your students struggle, but you want a better approach to boring worksheets, try playing this fun new math game from Bethany at Math Geek Mama! All you need is the game board, a die and some game pieces (these can be anything you have lying around like coins or unifix cubes, or pieces from another board game), and you’re ready to play! This would be great for kids in grades 3-5 to practice or review important math skills!


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