Camping Doubles Addition Roll ‘n Cover Game

Teach an easy-to-learn addition game with a cute, camping theme.

Here is a free printable roll and cover game created by a teacher who submitted to our Teaching Blog Addict Ultimate Freebie Celebration. Be sure to visit her blog to get the free download.

We’re excited to share this game with you since it comes with a printable game board ready to go, but also a blank version so you can tweak it to meet your needs.

Let’s look at how to play this Roll and Cover Game and get some ideas for what you can do with the blank template.

How to Play Roll and Cover

This addition game is for 2-3 players. You’ll need a few supplies like: dice and some type of colored counters or manipulatives (linking cubes, chips, etc.).

Students will take turns rolling the die. When they roll, they figure out what the “double” of that number is (so, the double of 2 rolled would be 4) is cover up a piece on the game board that matches.

The fun is that students are competing against each other to get the most pieces on the board!

So they keep playing until all of the marshmallows are covered… and then they tally up which player has the most pieces on the game board.

How to Use Blank Template

This cute roasting marshmallows game comes with a blank template. The teacher designed it so you could also make it work for larger numbers.

Create your own die by drawing on foam cubes from the dollar tree

You could write in your own multiples on the blank sheet and use white sticky labels to create your own die.

Cover up the sides of a die (or get one of those wipe-off kind from the store) with white labels and trim them to fit. Then draw on your own number or dot arrangement using the numbers you want your students to work on.

For example, you could draw dots for the numbers 7-12 on the die. Then simply write in the doubles numbers on the blank template to match.

Or, if you cover up the title you really could use this blank template for practicing just about anything.

Not sure what you’d have them work on? Here are some roll and cover game examples to make it easy on you.

Now, head on over and grab your copy of this Doubles Game for first or second graders…


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