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Teaching how to add can be a tricky concept to make real for kindergarten students in a variety of ways. Here’s a diy tutorial on how to make an “adding machine” that is a visual of combining objects. Common core standards state students must explain orally addition as “putting together” or as “adding to.” This clever machine can be made 2 ways help students understand the concept of how to add and visualize amounts being put together.

Addition Machine - What Goes In Must Come Out - Teach Junkie

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“How to Add” Machine DIY Tutorial

The materials you’ll need to create your own adding machine with pvc drains and a see through or opaque canister/container. Both will give a different effect and teach different concepts related to addition. Use hot glue to assemble the lid of the canister to the base of the pvc drain. Add washi tape or some bling to spice up your adding machine. Use a variety of manipulatives that will fit inside and tip it upside down to explore multiple ways of decomposing numbers too.


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