Systems of Linear Equations Freebie

Encourage solving linear equations by starting out with logic puzzles! Here is a set of 5 systems of linear equations puzzles to print. These logic puzzles can help gifted students, fifth grade students and beyond see that they can indeed solve equations by flexing their algebraic thinking muscles.

Systems of Equations Puzzles - Teach Junkie

Systems of Linear Equations Freebie

Looking for a fun math challenge for your early finishers or advanced students? Check out these algebraic logic puzzles from Bethany at Math Geek Mama! These puzzles could be used with 4-8th graders to help increase number sense and logical thinking. They are very challenging until you figure out the “trick” to solving them easily! These puzzles are also an example of a system of linear equations, so if you’re a high school teacher, you could use them as a fun way to introduce systems! This free download includes 5 puzzles as well as answer keys


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