8 Helpful Tips Teaching Non-English Speaking ELLs

How to teach non-English speakers in elementary school. Here are 8 tips that can come in handy, help diffuse tricky situations and make for a smoother transition when you have an ELL student. While you may not run into having a student who speaks no English each year, this list is sure to come in handy for the day all of a sudden you do!

8 Helpful Tips Teaching Non-English Speaking ELLs

Non-English Speaking ELLs Teaching Tips

Find ways to communicate using pictures, apps and even a quick handy ‘cheat-sheet’ of sorts to build up communication between you and your non-English speaking student. You’ll find that a little preparation can make days go a lot smoother and your student get a lot more out of their time spent in school. The best ways to help them learn English and learn what’s going on in the classroom can be found with these 8 simple little tweaks…

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