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Easter Rhyming Cards {free printable}

Easter Rhyming Cards {free printable}

These free Easter rhyming cards are great for use as a partner game or individual practice. Students find the rhyming pair that matches. It is a free download that includes 30 cards for 15 matches. You could also create a matching worksheet with similar pictures to check for mastery if you wanted to create more …

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Classroom Library Organization Labels

10 Classroom Library Organization Labels {Free Download}

Organizing a classroom library can be quite a task, but finding free downloads can make it less painful. Organize your classroom library by theme or by reading level to make it work for you. Make your classroom library run smoothly and allow students to access books that fits their needs, reading levels or interests. Here …

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Teach Junkie: Snowman Cut n' Build {Free Download}

Snowman Cut n’ Build {Free Download}

Let students show their uniqueness by creating their own snowman! This snowman activity works great to connect to descriptive writing, even for younger grades. Students can cut and build their own and add lots of descriptive words to share how theirs is unique. If you need a writing template to go with this activity, be …

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Torn Paper Rainbow Art Project

Here is an art project that your kids will have FUN making for St. Patrick’s Day, and it’s wonderful for strengthening those fine motor skills, too! You can also teach your children the correct order of the colors of the rainbow by using the anagram- ROY G. BIV, which represents Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Hop on over to see …

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Kindergarten Science Center - What is magnetic and what is not magnetic

Marvelous Magnets: An Easy Science Center

Check it out! I created two science centers that last two full weeks for my classroom, and they are all about magnets. I’ve got some ideas about how to put together activities that take very little prep time and use materials that you most likely already have in the classroom. After exploring magnets for a …

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