6 Dr. Seuss Inspired Math Activities


Dr. Seuss math games and classroom activities can bring fun into Common Core standards. You’ll find Seuss-inspired word problems, basic operations, and fractions in this list of free downloads.

6 Dr. Seuss Inspired Math Activities

Practice math skills in fun ways that promote explaining/documenting their thinking or give them practice in a fun way making it a cinch to fit in!

Will you be using Seuss-inspired math games or activities in your classroom? Here are some ideas to help you along your way.

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I’ll start with the more simple games and activities and work my way to the more complex.

This way you can pull activities if you are working on more than one skill or find an idea that’ll help you differentiate for your students.

6 Dr. Seuss Inspired Math Activities {Free Download}
source: kinderqueendom.blogspot.com

Based on the Book One Fish, Two Fish… this activity is perfect for students to create their own addition stories. Students can draw the fish in the fishbowl template and add their equation to the bottom.

Wouldn’t this be fun with Swedish fish too.. if only they made blue fish too. Ha!

6 Dr. Seuss Inspired Math Activities {Free Download}
source: herdingkats.blogspot.com

Build up number sense and work on subitizing using organized structures is a great way to get in some adding practice.

This What Makes 10 and 2D/3D Shapes definitely fits the kindergarten common core standards and adding in the equations is a perfect extension.

Jennifer also throws in a fun 2D/3D shape write the room activity. What a bonus!

6 Dr. Seuss Inspired Math Activities {Free Download} - Seusstacular Roll and Cover
source: mrsliretteslearningdetectives.com

The name of this game says it all – Seusstacular Roll and Cover. This was one of the first “roll & ___” games I ever downloaded.

I am convinced that fun ways to practice addition and subtraction like this one really help students develop stronger math skills and they love it too. {Bonus download picture irections for this game}

6 Dr. Seuss Inspired Math Activities {Free Download} - A Cat with A Hat and Friends Math Centers
source: idreamoffirstgrade.blogspot.com

Finding the missing addends can be a very difficult skill.

But we are teaching this beginning in Kindergarten along with the Common Core standards on up, so this first-grade game using cards is an inspired way to get in some independent practice during math centers.

6 Dr. Seuss Inspired Math Activities {Free Download} - Fraction Stories
source: thesecondgradesuperkids.blogspot.com

These bilingual (yep… they are in English too) pages are the perfect backdrop to creating fraction stories for students to solve.

Inspired just as the kindergarten version above, by One Fish, Two Fish… you’ll love the way Krista has students solving each other’s fractions stories and making them reusable.


6 Dr. Seuss Inspired Math Activities {Free Download} - Seussical Math Problem Solving
source: ideasbyjivey.blogspot.com

You’re going to fall in love with Jivey and her desire to make learning fun for older grades.

Here is a great example of how she brings a Seuss-inspired set of problem-solving situations into her classroom. Doesn’t even just bringing in characters make this more fun and appealing? I think so! [no longer available]

There you have it – 6 activities you can use during math to bring in your Dr. Seuss theme into the whole day.

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