8 Free Classroom Holiday Treat Labels


Creating fun gifts for students during the Holidays doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun. Here are some Holiday treat labels that include the famous snowman poop and lots of creative others. You’ll be set for Christmas and Halloween with these Holiday poop treat labels.

8 Kinds of Treat Labels Poop for Christmas

Snowman Poop and Christmas Treat Labels

Snowman Poop Tic Tacs – Make an adorable cover for a box of tic tacs and you’ve got the scoop for anyone who’s been “naughty” for Christmas. You can totally change the poem but it’s a cute idea.

Grinch Pills with Green M&M’s – If you like to celebrate a Grinch Day then you’ll want to share a dose of grinch pills using Green M&M’s. Here’s another Grinch Pills label poem.

8 Kinds of Treat Labels: Poop for Every Season

Grab marshmallows to make these cute snowman poop marshmallow bag toppers or fill a snack-size baggie with whopper candies and a single cherry sour to make these adorable reindeer noses. [inspiration: kinderalphabet]

Halloween Poop Treat Labels

Pumpkin Poo – Oh my word, isn’t this label the cutest? Simply add it to the top of your bag of cheese balls for a candy alternative during a class party. [inspiration: aperfectblend]

Not sure how to edit the Pumpkin Poo label? Go to File > Make a copy > And then select your Google Drive folder and click the yellow “Make a copy” button.

Ghost Poop – Use mini marshmallows and celebrate Halloween with ghost poop. Fold the treat topper over and staple to the treat bag. [source: cantstopmakingthings]

Bat Poop – Fill a bag of yummy chocolate-covered raisins to make a fun treat for celebrating October 31st in the classroom.

A short but sweet collection of fun things – especially if this fits your teachery sense of humor. While giving “poop” as a treat isn’t everyone’s style – if it’s yours, I hope I made finding the right free printable a little bit easier.

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