Recycled Bottle Cap Chick Craft

With my energy for recycling, our school saved plastic bottle caps. I thought it would be fun for my 5th graders to use these bottle caps and make little gifts for their 1st-grade buddies.

Since it was spring and before Easter, bunnies, chicks, ducks, and frogs came to mind.

We combined colored foam shapes and plastic bottle caps to create adorable little animals.

Bottle Cap Chicks - recycling spring or Easter craft from bottle caps

After these little animals were constructed and well dried the fun had just begun.

After the 1st graders went to lunch and their room was empty. My stealthy 5th graders tip-toed down the hall and placed these cute little friends into the desks of their 1st grade buddies.

We could only imagine the giggles and smiles on their faces when the 1st graders came back after recess only to finds new little bunnies, chicks, and ducks in their desks.

Have your children surprise others.

It is a wonderful way to pass on the feeling that spring has arrived…

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