20 Clever Gifts for Teachers Made Easy


Find yourself scouring the internet for clever gifts for the teachers in your life? Here are 20 gift ideas that are clever and easy! From teacher appreciation to Christmas gifts or just because – these gifts for teachers will make it fun and quick to pull together just the right present to say thanks!20 Clever Gifts for Teachers: Teach Junkie

Grab a mini pack of pop to show how awesome they are with this My Teacher is A&W-esome tag.

Say you are tote-ally awesome with a cute reusable shopping bag perfect for toting school work to and from home.

Express your thanks with a You’re One in A Melon candy bag. Ideal for teachers with a sweet tooth.

What’s not to love about sweet and salty combination – I’m Doing Flips That You Are My Teacher treat?

Clever gifts for Teachers: Teach Junkie

Clever Gifts for Teachers

Consider stocking your teacher’s caffeine quota with a Thanks a Latte For All You Do gift card to Starbucks.

Create the fastest Pop Quiz and add a cute bow to pull the 2L soda gift together.

Take a brand new stash of highlighters and package them with an adorable Highlight of My Year clever gifts tag.

Seeds of Knowledge makes a lasting gift that can live on in the classroom… the less they need watered… the more likely they will survive. {wink}

Clever Teacher Gifts to show Appreciation: Teach Junkie

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

A candy wrapper like Mint to Be My Teacher makes giving teacher appreciation gifts to multiple teachers easy.

Make a kitchen ready I Have to Ad-mitt cooking bundle for a cozy night in at home.

Add a Thanks For Sticking With Us tag to a stash of post-it notes! A teacher can always use more of those.

Teacher Survival Kit may just be the right blend of humor and practicality to show you notice how hard teachers work.

Easy Clever Gifts for Teachers and Para Pros: Teach Junkie

Easy Gifts for Teachers and Para-Pros

Give a Thanks For Keeping Me on Target gift card for school supplies.

Scent-Sational Teachers deserve a scented candle to burn at home to unwind from a hard day’s work.

Clever gifts come in all sizes. Like a yummy smelling soap is Hands Down the Best Teacher Around gift to give.

Sandal loving teachers would love a Toe-Tally Awesome Teacher pampering gift bag filled with cute nail polish colors.

Create your own diy Painted Clipboard Gift that is perfect for a para-pro or teacher and practical too.

Teacher Appreciation Clever Gifts: Teach Junkie

Easy Teacher Gifts

Share that you notice that teachers are overworked and under-rated but not under appreciated with any easy gift and a free printable.

Mounds of Thanks and a little caffeine can go a long way to making a teacher feel appreciated.

Give a cup of hot tea with a cute I Love My “Tea”cher tag.

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