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It doesn’t matter how many years I have been teaching, the back to school section, the feel of fall in the air, and the smell of new books always brings on the same anxious feeling I had as a child as school was about to begin.

If, as a veteran teacher, I am still getting these feelings, I KNOW that many children are just as anxious about their first day of school.

For this reason, I do what I can to help them out. I send them a small packet of glitter (what I refer to as Jitter Glitter) along with this poem:

Jitter Glitter Back to School Freebie - Poem

I always read the book First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg as the perfect follow up to sending the Jitter Glitter.

It is the cutest book about being nervous for the first day and, although you think it is about a child’s first day of school, it ends up that it is actually the teacher who was so nervous. We always laugh and say that she needed to have some Jitter Glitter like us!

Jitter Glitter Back to School Freebie - Wear Glitter in Your Hair the First DayThe glitter in my hair on the first day of school is an incredible ice breaker. They love to see that I put the jitter glitter in my hair, too, and that I really might have been a little nervous, too.

Swing on in to grab the entire packet that I send home over the summer to my new friends. Help ease those jitters…

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