Whole Brain Teaching Rules Posters Freebies

I know most of us have gone back to school by now or will be very shortly. This past Monday was the teacher’s first day back in my county.

All the teachers in my school (including myself) were working so hard to have everything perfect for Friday morning when all the students and their parents come meet their new teachers.

Whole Brain Teaching Rules Posters Freebies

Although I had all summer to plan and think about my room… I decided at the last minute to change things!

I worked like a crazy woman to get it done, and I’m pretty happy with the end results.

I’ve posted my classroom pictures on my blog for you guys to check it out. I’ve also added some freebies like these super cute classroom rules posters!

I’ve also added a helpful freebie for anybody who is not a homeroom teacher but you still want your students to come see you at Orientation or Back to School night.

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