All I Need for a Snowman {Free Download}


Five free snowman leveled writing pages to go with “All You Need for a Snowman.” Snowmen and winter brings about a sense of magic for students! Integrating reading about snowmen is a great way to encourage writers to write!

With this free download of “All I Need For a Snowman,” young writers will be encouraged to think, plan and list. Here’s my tip on engaging writers – start with great books!

One of my favorites is to use the (affiliate) book All You Need for a Snowman by Alice Shertel. It has a simple message that students feel like they can replicate in their writing piece.

Teach Junkie: Need for Snowman

There isn’t anything simple about the book as a whole, however. You can use the illustrations to talk about use of color to show snow {It doesn’t have to be white? Say what?} or engage students in the adding of details.

By first adding detail in pictures, detail in writing will follow! {Maybe not all in one day… but with practice} To get you started, I’ve included 5 kinds of templates to meet your needs.

There is a completely blank space to fit in the MOST details possible or to allow younger writers less conformity. You could choose the boxed list to help young writers get {at least} 3 ideas down onto paper or choose from two styles of lined paper.

Last but not least, a full page of the snowman to encourage using large detail or perhaps watercolor backgrounds {feel a project coming on?}

Writing Paper Templates Included:

  • Full photo
  • Open space
  • 3 boxes
  • 3 lines
  • 5 lines

Let your students’ imaginations soar and let their writing skills shine {or in this case glisten – like the snow!} If you download this, be sure to share this post or comment!

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Not in the mood to sing winter’s praises? What about connecting to Alice’s book “All You Need for the Beach“? Now you’ve got me thinking sunglasses and lemonade!

 All I Need for a Snowman Download

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