6 Spring ELA Word Work Activities

Bring on the ELA Common Core standards this spring. These 5 spring word work activities will cover ELA standards like snyonyms/synonyms using Easter eggs, building CVC fluency, sorting digraphs and decoding words with consonant blends.

6 Spring ELA Word Work Activities

Doesn’t the fact that these ideas are free just make it all the better?

You’ll see that I’ve labeled the ones that have a  free download and link you straight to the teacher who shared their idea.

Spring Word Work ELA Ideas

Word work comes in all kinds of forms like these activities that are manipulative, game-oriented or independent worksheets. Most of these are geared towards primary grades like kindergarten, first grade and second grade.

Teach Junkie: 6 Spring ELA Word Work Activities {Free Download} - Four “Egg”cellent Ideas
source: rowdyinfirstgrade.blogspot.com

1. Four “Egg”cellent Ideas – These four ela ideas from Jennifer will have your class working “egg”cellently hard in first grade. She has ideas and the recording sheet to match so that students can practice unscrambling words {spelling words? score!}, have writing prompts, or practice synonyms/antonyms. She incorporates the plastic eggs as the main way to deliver these activities and they are sure to be a hit! {Free download}

Teach Junkie: 6 Spring ELA Word Work Activities {Free Download} - Eggcellent Contractions

2. Eggcellent Contractions – Using plastic Easter eggs, students crack open to find a card inside. Students will use the included recording sheets (for accountability) and then write the two words that the contraction is created from. It will be a good challenege to see how many of the eggs they can “crack!” {Free download}


Teach Junkie: 6 Spring ELA Word Work Activities {Free Download} - Egged
source: aturntolearn.blogspot.com/

3. Egged – This fun card game is a great way to build fluency for young readers (kindergarten/first grade) who are working on sounding out CVC words. The concept of this game is to collect as many cards and points until the game ends when someone pulls a “You got egged!” card. This game also works great for increasing skills measured by the Dibels assessment. {Free download}

Teach Junkie: 6 Spring ELA Word Work Activities {Free Download} - Rainy Day Digraph Sort
source: ofprimaryimportance.blogspot.com

4. Rainy Day Digraph Sort – Students will use their segmenting skills to work with beginning or ending consonant blends and digraphs. This activity includes clouds to have students focus on sh, ch, th, and ck. The lightning bolts and raindrops are a fun way to practice since they are shaped objects to manipulate. Includes a blank set so you could modify to fit your class’ needs. {Free download}

Teach Junkie: 6 Spring ELA Word Work Activities {Free Download} - Beat Lucky the Leprechaun
source: firstgradeadventureinteaching.blogspot.com

5. Beat Lucky the Leprechaun – This game has a fun spin since students are trying to win against a leprechaun. With playing cards that tells when the leprechaun gets to steal away some cards and lots of beginning consonant blends to make CCVC words, this game is sure to make students fl-i-p. Kathy generously shares this game along with the learning target on her site. {Free download}

Teach Junkie: 6 Spring ELA Word Work Activities {Free Download} - Break-Apart Easter Egg Center Activities
source: frompond.blogspot.com

6. Break-Apart Easter Egg Center Activities – Similar to the first two ideas, you can use plastic Easter eggs to create independent activities. These circle shaped content cards are perfect for matching CVC words to the correct picture if you glue them in place or for preschool to match uppercase and lowercase letters. {Free download}

Thank you fantastic teachers  for such creative ways to use spring and Easter themed objects to practice ela word work standards. Your ideas are so much fun! Feel free to grab the “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” blog button as your creations are definitely worth the shout out.

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