4 St. Patrick’s Day Language Arts {Free Download}


Language arts common core standards are the focus of many lesson plans. Teachers like these fantastic teachers have four free downloads to help you accomplish your ela standards. These are lucky since they are all St. Patrick’s Day themed. They focus on nouns, contractions, verbs, adjectives, vocabulary and ending sounds. These will most likely benefit kindergarten up to second grade classrooms.

These free downloads are a simple but great set of materials to have on hand and place into your March files. You can bookmark this page too or pin these ideas for next year if you’re feeling that your March is already topped out with math activities, Dr. Seuss or leprechaun crafts.

Teach Junkie: 4 St. Patrick's Day Language Arts {Free Download}

Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives

Teach Junkie: 4 St. Patrick's Day Language Arts {Free Download} - St. Patrick’s Day Noun/Verb/Adjective Cut & Paste
source: campwewannalearnalot.blogspot.com

St. Patrick’s Day Noun/Verb/Adjective Cut & Paste – This free download has two sheets that lets students cut and past nouns and verbs and then also includes a version with nouns, verbs and adjectives. A little practice with sorting and categorizing. Slip this into a plastic sleeve and add sticky tack to the back of the laminated pieces and you’ve created manipulative pieces that can easily be moved around. {Free download}


Teach Junkie: 4 St. Patrick's Day Language Arts {Free Download} - Lucky Contractions
source: dailylearningtothecore.blogspot.com

Lucky Contractions – Having fun in first grade is a great way to approach learning contractions. Putting together some of the most common words like she’s, I’m and you’re this single sheet free download will be just enough of a themed approach to hook your students. Includes link to online games and more freebies. {Free download}


Teach Junkie: 4 St. Patrick's Day Language Arts {Free Download} - March Word Wall Words
source: anappleadayinfirstgrade.blogspot.com

March Word Wall Words – Grab a set of March themed words which will cover St. Patrick’s day and Easter too to help your young writers have access to spell words correctly when writing and to help increase their vocabulary. {Free download}

Ending Sounds

Teach Junkie: 4 St. Patrick's Day Language Arts {Free Download} - Shamrock Ending Sounds
source: livelaughilovekindergarten.blogspot.com

Shamrock Ending Sounds – Students can connect the letter grapheme to the sound in the last place in a word using these two cut and paste worksheets. The shamrocks feature a kindergarten-friendly font and the pictures are more widely known pictures which makes this a more independent practice sheet.

Thank you creative teachers – your ideas are so practical for the month of March. Feel free to grab the “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” blog button as your creations are definitely worth the shout out.

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