Dr. Seuss’ ABC Book Free Alliteration Activity


I know Dr. Seuss stuff typically gets used in February and March but really, why should we limit his awesome works to only one point in the school year?

I can’t help but to look ahead to the beginning of the next year… new school, new classroom, new ways of doing most everything.

Dr. Seuss' ABC Book Alliteration Activity

One of the things I want to change is to start teaching with Dr. Seuss’ ABC’s.

After all, how can any kindergarten teacher not love a book based on the alphabet?!

I’ve come up with a little free packet of 3 writing worksheets to use with Dr. Seuss’s ABC book.

It’s pretty versatile.

Dr. Seuss' ABC Book Free Alliteration Activity

You can use it to teach the alphabet for the first time, review alphabetic principles or save it for Dr. Seuss’ birthday in March!

It also hits Common Core standards… which is a must these days, is it not?

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