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Effectively teach how to have good manners in the classroom with a read aloud and a free printable packet for first through fifth grade.

One of the biggest teach complaints I hear often is that many students don’t know what it means to have good manners.

So, why not take some time at the beginning of the school year to teach just that.

Do Unto Otters Book Activity Suggestions - character education

The positive side effects of such activities are endless!

You get well-mannered students, and students learn to treat each with kindness and respect. Good manners are a great compliment to any character education program.

My favorite book to teach good manners is (affiliate) Do Unto Otters by Laurie Keller.

It is an effective and fun way to show students what good manners look like, how they should treat others, and how they should expect others to treat them. It offers such a clever take on the Golden Rule. And it showcases otters, which is a bonus in my book.

After reading the book, you can assign students of the activities in my free packet.

The packet includes six activity suggestions to accompany the book, along with five reproducibles to use.

Do Unto Otters Book Activity Suggestions - writing prompt

My favorite activity lets you turn your students into otters themselves and have them reflect on times when they have shown “otterly” good manners.

So pick up a copy of Do Unto Otters to create a classroom community that values good manners and the Golden Rule…

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