Free Christmas Lights Plural Nouns Card Game

Don’t get tangled up in grammar!

Here is a second grade plural nouns game that is sure to light up your day.

This Shining Plurals activity is a simple “blam” or “bang” card game with a Christmas light twist. Print it now so that when your students are hopped up on Christmas spirit and counting down the days, you’ve got this raring to go. 

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Free Christmas Lights Plural Nouns Card Game - Teach Junkie

Plural Nouns Christmas Lights “Bang” Game

This fun and fast-paced game asks students to draw cards.

They take turns identifying (and spelling) the correct plural form of the noun. But, they need to watch out for pulling a tangled lights card!

It could easily be used in a center or station and would work best in small groups or pairs.

You could even have students write out their nouns on a whiteboard to share later…


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