Precious Prints – Handprint Alphabet Book

Working on the alphabet in preschool or pre-k means adding a little more fun. What’s more fun and precious than handprint art for the letters of the alphabet? Here are handprint alphabet ideas for pre-kindergarten activities the letters A, E, I and T. You may be inspired to create your own to complete the rest of the abc’s.

Handprint Alphabet Book - Teach Junkie

Alphabet in Handprint Pictures

Decide on what image you’d like to make for the each letter of the alphabet. Consider which part of the handprint, or how many handprints it might take to create the image. Paint the palm and fingers and press onto the paper. Add black lines either before (if you’re making copies for a whole class) or after the paint has dried to add details. This is a great way to create a word wall in pre-k.


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