Priceless, Authentic Writing! {Free Download}


These printable book pages are perfect for creating autobiographies with your class during writing workshop. A blend of poems, lists, timelines, narratives, and pictures work together to produce a unique autobiography for each student. When students share the finished project, they are proud to know they’ve truly created something special.

Teach Junkie: Priceless, Authentic Writing! {Free Download}

The variety of pages included make this project perfect for a wide range of grade levels. My third graders love it, but it easily works for older and younger students too. Each student begins by making a “memory list” of special (and sometimes sad) events from his or her life. Students also interview family members to help construct their birth story. Then students pull memories from their lists and bring them to life in narratives and poems. The memories, combined with photographs and drawings, create beautiful books. The result is a keepsake that both students and families treasure. This project truly creates priceless, authentic writing!

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