Sight Words Action Spelling – Ninja Style

Learning to spell sight words is fun when you do it ninja style! Here are lots of action-packed ways to get kids moving as they practice spelling their sight words in kindergarten and first grade. Sight words will be easier for students to learn when they are active and engaging their body and mind.

Sight Words Action Spelling - Ninja Style

Sight Words – Action Spelling Ideas

Here’s a list of how one teacher incorporates all types of movement into her daily sight word spelling practice. She uses a variety of ninja {ahem, movement} actions and it helps keeps students engaged and learning. You’ll love the link to a printable set of movement cards so that you can pick out which movements to try each day which will always keep sight word practice fresh. With frog hopping, bicycling, jumping jacks and so many more – your students will be begging for more sight words to practice!


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