27 Amazing Class Dojo Printables and Ideas


Ever wanted to streamline your classroom management? Here’s everything you need to do so with Class Dojo free printables, ideas and resources. You’ll love these 27 nifty things that’ll breathe new life into your classroom management. It’s all about Class Dojo for teachers!

27 Amazing Class Dojo Printables and Ideas - Class Dojo Rewards - Teach Junkie

Dojo Rewards Tubs – Set yourself up by starting simple and keeping your prizes organized.

Printable Rewards Kit – Print out punch cards and tracking sheets to handle dojo rewards.

Lunch With the Teacher Certificates – Reward students with 85% positivity or higher with lunch with you.

Classroom Management Rewards Poster – Start at 5 points and work your way towards 100!

27 Amazing Class Dojo Printables and Ideas - Tracking Class Dojo Points - Teach Junkie

Tracking Class Dojo Points

Karate Belts Bulletin Board – Help students track their point progress by giving out colored karate belts.

Dojo Meter Class Tracking – Track your entire class’ points with this printable meter.

Printable Points Trackers – Let students in first grade (or older) keep track of their own points with the goal of reaching 100. Here’s an alternative points tracking sheet.

How to Have Students Track Own Points – Using a log, students keep track of their own points in a classroom economy format.

Dojo Goal Sheets – Students set and track their own weekly behavior goals.

27 Amazing Class Dojo Printables and Ideas - Free Printables for Student Recognition for Classroom Dojo - Teach Junkie

Free Printables for Student Recognition

Brag Tags {Printable} – Let your students brag about their points that they earn using brag tags. How fun.

Reward Stickers and Jeweled Monsters – Get 2 unique ways to build in rewards that are simple in order to keep your system simple.

Trading Cards – Introduce trading cards as a way to incentivize and encourage.

Top Classroom Dojo Point Earner Reward Necklace – Let your student earn recognition for having the highest amount of points.

Milestone Awards for Class Dojo Points – Acknowledge the positive points students have earned with milestone certificates that are a free printable pack.

Class Dojo Printable Awards – Certificates to hand out to students for earning point levels.

27 Amazing Class Dojo Printables and Ideas - Handy ClassDojo for Teachers Tutorials - Teach Junkie

Handy ClassDojo for Teachers Tutorials

How to Customize Behaviors on Class Dojo – Set up custom behaviors to reward and print a certificate for the student with the most points in a week.

Set Up Tutorial – Take the video tutorial on how to set it up.

What to Reward – Are you struggling to set up your custom point system? Here are 15 ways to give positive points.

5 Reasons Why You Should Try It – Find out one teacher’s top five reasons why giving Class Dojo a shot is worth it.

Giving Points to Groups – How to make giving out points easier by using a groups feature.

Editable Parent Explanation Letter – How to explain class dojo to parents at the beginning of the school year with an editable letter.

27 Amazing Class Dojo Printables and Ideas - Tricks to Make Class Dojo for Teachers Awesome - Teach Junkie

Tricks to Make It Awesome

Building Community to Start the School Year {How to Introduce Class Dojo} – Start your year off on the right foot by focusing on building community and working towards classroom goals.

How to Change Student Avatars – Go beyond the monsters and give each student a unique avatar that’s easily recognizable from across the room.

How to Use Class Dojo When You Have a Sub – Set yourself up a quick substitute profile so that students can be rewarded in your absence and parents know that a sub is awarding those points.

How to Create Free Rewards with QR Codes – Students scan the QR code to see what free but fun reward they get.

27 Amazing Class Dojo Printables and Ideas - Integrating Classroom Dojo With Other Behavior Systems - Teach Junkie

Integrating Classroom Dojo With Other Systems

Combine Power Teaching with Class Dojo – If you follow the prinicples of Power Teaching, try this tip to work the two together.

Combine Class Dojo and a Clip Chart – Find out some ideas on how to blend using both a clip chart or color chart with this technology.

There you have it – the list of all things Class Dojo just for teachers. Don’t you love it?

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