Creating Rules for Group Work {Printable}


How to teach students to work in groups! Just as we approach everything in our classrooms, teach what is expected for group work – desired behaviors and set expectations. This set of free printable group work expectation posters are a great way to introduce, review and remind students of the privilege that working in groups truly is.

Rules for Group Work Printable Posters

Take each of the letters of the word, GROUPS and use them to create a rule or expectation that governs how a group functions. You could use this as a back to school activity for students to share examples of what these group work expectations look like, or they could create a list of their own.

Creating Rules for Group Work {Printable}

Using these ideas from Joy in the in Journey means that groups require that students:

  • Get along
  • Respect each other’s ideas
  • Stay on task
  • Use appropriate level voices
  • Are active participants
  • and last but not least, stay with the group.

These posters are a fantastic printable that really work for a whole variety of grade levels. This featured idea came from last week’s Teaching Idea Tuesday. This weekly linky party will return to Teach Junkie after a short break. {stay tuned}

Want some ideas on how to partner up students? I’ve got your back on this one! Use a partner wheel or a numbered partner list to make creating groups or partner work varied.

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