Back to School Classroom ABC’s: Parent Classroom Forms

Set up classroom forms for back to school or for the start of the school year. Here is an editable background to make a set of classroom routines, policies and expectations for families using the ABC’s. This is ideal for any primary classroom teacher. Create a list from A-Z with what parents need to know and you’re off to a great start!

Back to School Classroom ABC's: Parent Classroom Forms - Teach Junkie

Classroom Forms for Parents – Rules and Routines

Start a list of the things you want families to know about how your classroom. Take your brainstorming list and find a keyword that you can assign it to an alphabet letter. Consider birthdays, classroom management, field trips, specials, homework and even tests. Keep information brief and to the point so that it’s helpful to parents and easy to read! Fill in your information onto the free editable template to make it finished. This set of 26 tidbits of information could make this the only set of classroom forms you’ll need at the beginning of the school year.


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