21 Free Classroom Organization Labels and Tags


Find great ideas on how to organize your classroom with printable labels and organization tags. These cute printable classroom organization labels and functional organization tags are all shared free generously from teachers across the internet.

21 free Classroom Organization Labels and Tags

They will help you keep your monthly materials together, your lesson plan materials ready at hand and even your math and computer materials organized too!

Click each one to find out where they came from and download them from the original source.

Classroom Organization Labels and Tags

Teach Junkie: 21 Classroom Organization Labels and Tags - Monday-Friday Lesson Plan Labels
source: kindercraze.blogspot.com

1. Monday-Friday Lesson Plan Labels – If you like to lay out your materials by day for the week, then these labels in rainbow colors are perfect for you. I think adding a simple label makes it perfect to be able to describe when leaving materials for a sub or for a student to grab for you.

Classic style and beautifully done!

Teach Junkie: 21 Classroom Organization Labels and Tags - Name Tags and Matching Labels
source: thecurriculumcorner.com

2. Tags and Matching Labels – You’ll feel like you hit the jackpot  when you find these classroom organization printables. My favorite from the list offered are the name tags and matching labels.

Have a coordinated set to please the eye and you’ll love the choice of nature, Dr. Seuss themed, stripes, dots and more.

3. Labels – If you like storing your daily teaching materials in folders, then this organization set may be for you.

These labels are a jungle theme are include the days of the week and most categories you’d keep close at hand to your desk.

Teach Junkie: 21 Classroom Organization Labels and Tags - Organizing Crafts
source: miss-kindergarten.com

4. Crafts – Get the perfect solution for remembering how to make your favorite crafts or craftivities when you organize them with this tutorial.

You’ll get the free printable to organize by month and it’s also a perfect solution to always have an example handy when you need to pull one to have for sub plans.

5. Classroom Supply Tags – These labels are great for organizing teacher materials and utensils, especially if you teach in the upper grades. This teacher also includes labels that just may work to help consolidate the growing piles of papers and help you get them filed!

Teach Junkie: 21 Classroom Organization Labels and Tags - Ketchup and Pickle Time (Schedule Cards, Art and Library too)
source: first-grade-garden.blogspot.com

6. Ketchup and Pickle Time (Schedule Cards, Art and Library too) – You’ll love the idea of using these two labels that are perfect for organizing classroom time.

If you find yourselves in need of some “catch up” and “independent time for students, then you’ll love ketchup and pickle time. Read about how this teacher uses these two labels to organize her classroom plans once a week.

She also includes monthly labels to organize your closet.

7. Picture Supply Labels – Finding labels with pictures is key for primary teachers. This way young readers can be supported by the picture until they can read the words.

This set contains a great list for most of the items students will need to use or replenish throughout the year like scissors, glue, markers, etc.

Teach Junkie: 21 Classroom Organization Labels and Tags - Lunch Box Label and Math Materials
source: mrsjumpsclass.blogspot.com

8. Lunch Box Label and Math Materials – Label your lunch crate or basket for lunch boxes with this colorful label. Perfect for organizing for your whole class, this link also includes a set of labels for math materials. (no longer available)

9. Pencil Classroom Supply Tags – These tags are all written in front of a pencil which is just perfect co complete that classic teacher theme.

The font is wonderfully bold which makes them easy to read from further away.

Teach Junkie: 21 Classroom Organization Labels and Tags - Editable Book Bin Labels
source: ladybugsteacherfiles.com

10. Book Bin Labels – These editable small rectangle labels will make you think of  a chalkboard since they are white text on a black background. You’ll love the cohesive look.

11. Three Drawer Unit Supply Labels – Store your classroom items in small three drawer units and label them yourself.

These blue labels are editable so that way you can decide to call them whatever you like and organize whatever works for you.

Teach Junkie: 21 Classroom Organization Labels and Tags - Polka Dot Labels
source: prekinders.com

12. Dot Labels – You’ll love the fact that there are six types of polka dot labels available in this free download.

If you like to decorate with polka dots then the mini square and rectangle items included here might just be the right fit.

13. Classroom Organization Labels – Here is another set of signs with a black background and white text. You’ll love the modern circle shape that will be easy to cut out and fit most of your general classroom materials that you’ll have out on display.

Teach Junkie: 21 Classroom Organization Labels and Tags - Days of the Week Drawers
source: luckyinlearning.blogspot.com

14. Days of the Week Drawers – If you like storing your stuff for the week in the three drawer plastic units, then consider these labels to organize your lesson plan materials.

These include a label for Monday-Friday and also for sub plans. Add some super cute scrapbook paper to make it match your classroom color scheme.

Teach Junkie: 21 Classroom Organization Labels and - Months of the Year Labels
source: seusstastic.blogspot.com

15. Months of the Year Labels – Store your read alouds, writing ideas, projects and more with these labels to make your files easier to keep up with.

Return items to your monthly organization tubs when they have the matching labels and these can go on anything including file folders and sheet protectors for worksheets.

16. Monthly Labels – These will coordinate with the monthly labels above to place on a binder, box or container for you to organize your materials if you like to do so by month. These are the larger size that makes a perfect coordinating piece to hold everything that has a smaller matching label on it.

Teach Junkie: 21 Classroom Organization Labels and Tags - Art and Project Supply Labels
source: fun-n-first.blogspot.com

17. Art and Project Supply LabelsThinking about organizing your closet or cupboards? This tutorial on labeling a ton of plastic inexpensive containers to make everything easy to find and fast!

These labels will include the more random, but handy things we store like ink pads, paint brushes, straw and yarn.

Teach Junkie: 21 Classroom Organization Labels and Tags - Computer Organization Label/Cords
source: teachinghappilyeverafter.blogspot.com

18. Computer Organization Labels/Cords – You’ll find these labels absolutely handy as they will help keep your computer cords neat and tidy.

Label the cords for power cords, mice and keyboards so that you can always find what you need and keep it organized with these tips on hot glue and zip ties.

Teach Junkie: 21 Classroom Organization Labels and Tags - Clean Cubby/Messy Cubby
source: flockingtofifth.blogspot.com

19. Clean Cubby/Messy Cubby – Help your students know what organization looks like when you model it and keep it in front of them.

Take a photo of a messy cubby (or student space) and take a photo of the model. I even recommend labeling the photos with the attributes of what makes it messy or neat.

These labels and tags will be a great reference for your students to help keep their own spaces organized.

20. Colorful Teacher File Labels – If you have more files and binders, then these labels will be a helpful classroom organization tool. Includes next week, staff meetings, student notes and committee meetings.

We all need to keep track of this type of things, now you can in an organized way!

Teach Junkie: 21 Classroom Organization Labels and Tags - Basket Organization Tags
source: pitnerm.blogspot.com

21. Organization Tags – Whatever your needs are for, these little labels can work for you.

In this teacher’s classroom she uses them to label both her math materials and her library and adheres them with ceiling fan chain and binder clips.

Thanks to these teachers for their free downloads and great organization tips.  Your ideas are fab-u-lous! Feel free to grab the “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” blog button as your creations are definitely worth the shout out.

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