How to help preschoolers stand in line

Here is a simple way to help preschoolers stand in line. I always had problems with preschool kids standing in line, until a fellow teacher recommended this tip…

She recommended that I cut out foot prints, and arrange them in pairs and in a line.

I created a line of footprints at the place where I had problems with kids “butting in line” — as in at the classroom sink, for example.

How to help preschoolers stand in line

She then suggested that I cover each pair of feet with a piece of clear contact covering to “protect” the feet.

When it was time for kids to line up, all I had to do was simply ask each child to stand on a pair of feet. My kids absolutely loved standing on these feet, and stepping from one to the other.

Some would even stand, and look down at their feet while standing in line. Somehow, they were always entertained by looking at their feet standing on footprints.

I hope you liked my suggestion and can use it in your classroom too.

– Originally posted by Jacque (mommy-and-me-creations) on Teaching Blog Addict

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