9 Greater Than or Less Than Resources

It’s time for a greater than less than round up of teacher materials to use for teaching math. Greater than or less than is a Common Core standard skill needed in first and second grade. Here are 9 worksheets, projects and greater than or less than activities to help you bulk up your lesson plans.

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Greater Than or Less Than Projects: 9 Greater Than or Less Than Resources - Teach Junkie

Greater Than or Less Than Projects

1. Monster Sticks – Use popsicle sticks to make googly-eyed monsters to help personify the symbols neeeded for comparing numbers. Students can make their own for use at centers.

2. Greater Grinch – Move the Grinch’s arms to show which is greater.

3. Power Tower – Students stack cups after solving equations on the bottom with printable labels. For third through fifth grade.

4. More or Less Flowers – Create a simple display using a section of the 100’s chart to show one more, one less, ten more and ten less.

Greater Than Less Than Worksheets - Teach Junkie

Greater Than Less Than Worksheets

5. Greater Than Less Than or Equal – A simple circle to fill in the number comparison to show greater, less than or equal to.

6. Alligator Chant and Recording Sheets – A fun chant and printable to reinforce the direction of the symbols.

Resources to Teach Greater Than Less Than: 9 Greater Than or Less Than Resources: 9 Greater Than or Less Than Resources - Teach Junkie

Resources to Teach Greater Than Less Than

7. Roll the Dice – Roll the dice to create unique comparison number sentences. Works with numbers 1-6, but you could use multiple dice to create two digit numbers.

8. Greater Than Lego – Reinforce teaching the foundations of comparing numbers using lego building blocks.

9. Greater Than Less Than Comparison Video – A 3.5 minute video with a way catchy tune and phrase, “My skinny rear points to which one happens to be less” that will have all students chanting along.

There you have it! Greater than or less than activities to help you bulk up your lesson plans. Thanks talented teachers – your printables and lesson plans are great! Feel free to share your “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” badge on your blog, facebook or instagram. You earned it! {{high fives}}


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