Tooth Fairy Writing Prompt {Dental Health Month}

In February, celebrate Dental Health month by talking about teeth. Here is a free printable tooth fairy writing template for first and second grade students that explores the fun side of growing up.  Connect what students learn about taking care of their teeth with losing them – which is such a popular topic for young elementary students. Take it one step further and have them imagine what the Tooth Fairy really must do with all of the teeth she collects.

Tooth Fairy Writing Prompt {Dental Health Month}

Tooth-Shaped Tooth Fairy Writing Prompt

After reading various dental health month read alouds – you’ll totally want to add in the book What Does the Tooth Fairy Do With Our Teeth? (affiliate). This read aloud is perfect for students to imagine and write about what they think the Tooth Fairy does indeed do with all of those teeth. It’s a fun themed writing prompt that can make a cute hallways display with the printable cut-out tooth writing paper prompt…

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