Common Core Math – 3 Addend Addition Workmats

Solve common core math addition number sentences with 3 addends. Here is a free printable math mat to practice adding with multiple addends using manipulatives. This common core math skill is needed in multiple grade levels and it closely connected to composing and decomposing numbers. Your students can use this workmat to show their thinking.

Common Core Math - 3 Addend Addition Workmats - Teach Junkie

3 Addend Common Core Math Workmat Printable

Print out a math mat for the number of students in your class or small group. Make these mats reusable with plastic sleeves or by laminating them. Have manipulatives on hand and dry erase markers for students to show their work. Students work to make a group of ten from the three addends in order to simplify their equation and solve it. This can also make a great center activity if you made task cards or is a great special needs adaptation tool.


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