Fractions – 20 Ready to Go Resources and Activities


Fractions are a part of many second through fifth grade classrooms. These 20 free fraction games, fraction worksheets, activities and resources will help simplify your lesson planning.

There are a range on ideas you can adapt for dividing fractions, equivalent fractions and even simplifying fractions.

Fractions - 20 Ready to Go Resources and Activities

1. Manipulative Fractions – Here’s a great lesson using manipulatives to determine a fractional value. Students create pattern block designs to work on identifying numerator and denominator.

2. Virtual Manipulatives – Pull up virtual fraction manipulatives to solve by having ready-to-go fraction bars. Also includes decimals and percents.

3. Fraction Hopscotch – Get students moving and learning while playing hopscotch. Students work on ordering fractions and equivalent fractions.

Fraction Games - Teach Junkie

Fraction Games

4. Fractions Game – It’s a fractions race! Students play this fractions game to create fraction groupings. You’ll love that there are three levels of difficulty already included – instant differentiation!

5. Common Core Fractions – A game for first and second graders all about partitioning into equal sized pieces.  It also helps reinforce the idea that the pieces do not have to be congruent to be equal.

6. Benchmark Fractions – Here’s a simple activity that students can do in cooperative groups with home-made fractions cards. Students sort, describe and explain why they sort their cards into “close to” benchmark numbers.

7. No Prep Differentiated Fraction Games – Using two sided counters, students create their own recording sheet to work on conceptualizing equivalent fractions. Perfect for fourth grade and fifth grade.

Strategies for Solving Fractions - Teach Junkie

Strategies for Solving

8. Butterfly Fractions – A strategy to add or subtract two fractions that looks like butterfly wings!

9. Mixed Numbers Posters – Get MAD with this strategy – teaching students to multiply, add and then divide to make mixed numbers.

10. Simplifying Fractions – A strategy to help break down the process of simplifying fractions. Teach using circling and isolating the greatest common factor so students can improve accuracy and show their thinking.

11. Fraction Strategies – Here are three posters that you could recreate in your classroom to illustrate how students can use a number line, part-whole or area model to solve.

visualizing fractions

 Visualizing Fractions

12. Halves and Quarters – Real world examples anchor chart of halves and quarters. Great for starting off students with what they already know about fractions.

13. Anchor Charts – Four images of anchor charts that’ll give you ideas on how to create helpful fractions anchor charts in your classroom.

14. Lego Land Fractions – Visualizing fractions can be made easier for students with Legos. Students can “see” with color blocks the part to whole comparison.

15. Fraction Flipbook – Here’s an interactive flipbook or foldable you can use when teaching what each fraction looks like and a way to keep it in a math journal.

Fraction Worksheets - Teach Junkie

Fraction Worksheets

16. Shapes Fraction Worksheets – This beginning fractions worksheet uses shapes to reinforce halves, quarters and thirds.

17. Winter Themed Fraction Practice – A winter themed worksheet for second grade that works on finding fractions of whole numbers 10-20.

18. Compare Fraction Worksheet – A tools to use with fourth and fifth grade, this simple worksheet will bring out the deeper level thinking as students work to compare fractions.

Dividing Fractions Game - Teach Junkie

Dividing Fractions

19. Dividing Fractions Game – There are two versions, one uses pattern blocks and the other uses dice-in-dice. A great alternative to worksheets.

20. Dividing Fractions Video – This video uses middle school students and a catchy verse to teach how to divide fractions.

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