Math Problems Made Real: Kids Lemonade Stand

Gear up for math problems that are real world based! Here is a free download set of math problems involving a kid’s lemonade stand for third, fourth and fifth graders.

Students will solve word problems based on a real-life scenario which makes math more relevant to students. Use lots of skills like addition, subtraction, money or elapsed time to help solve the word problems!

Math Problems Made Real: Kids Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand Story Problem

Do your students struggle with math story problems? Do you need some extra math to review as you wrap up the school year? Then check out this free set of math story problems from Bethany at Math Geek Mama!

These questions are centered around starting a lemonade stand, and cover a variety of math concepts for grades 3-5.

Included are 2-step addition and subtraction problems, money related problems, as well as time and elapsed time problems. It even includes an answer key, making this super easy for you!

Get your kids thinking about math in real life with this free download!


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