Solving Word Problems – Strategy Posters for Kids


Problem solving is a huge component of Common Core math. Solving word problems with multiple parts is also key. Here are 8 free strategy posters for kindergarten students to help them choose which materials to use in problem solving.

Solving Word Problems - Problem Solving Strategy Posters for Kids

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Problem Solving Strategy Posters for Kids

Problem solving strategy posters are a great way to keep as an anchor chart or reference around the classroom. Students can use them when looking for a way to solve a math problem or word problem. There are 8 included in this free download: fingers, unifix cubes, tallies, pictures, number line, ten frames, counters and number bonds. They will also come in handy when you’re discussing materials or strategies that students have tried when going over work together. Don’t just teach the strategies – let them come up with some for themselves!


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