Spring Insect Coin Value Game {Free Download}

This spring insect coin value game can be played individually during math centers (Kindergarten coin recognition) or upper Kinder/1st Grade with counting a few coins together. May also be used as a partner game with colored bingo chips.

Teach Junkie: Spring Insect Coin Value Game {Free Download}

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2 Activities including Bump

  • Activity 1: Spin the Spinner; Cover/Color 1 space with that amount
  • Activity 2: Each child takes 10 cubes or markers of one color. His/her partner should have a different color. The first child spins the spinner and puts a cube on that number. If another player’s marker is on that number BUMP it off. If your marker is on that number, link the cubes together and it freezes that spot. The winner is the player that uses all of his/her markers first!

Spring Insect Coin Value Game {Free Download}

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