Teaching Money with Games and Anchor Charts {Free Download}


You can teach money using math games and anchor charts. Here are three free printable tools to help with teaching money.

There are anchor chart posters that tell the value of each coin, a version of war using combined coin values and pretend checks and bills to practice applying learning about money.

These free download tools are a great place to start teaching about money, but we want to see your ideas too.

Money Anchor Charts

Teach Junkie - Teaching Money with Games and Anchor Charts {Free Download}
source: handsonhappiness.blogspot.com

These money posters work like anchor charts since each one features a coin and the value. They all have the same color border and will be a resource that students can go back to whenever working with money.

They include great images of the sides of the coins, the value written in numerals and words. This free download can be perfect for multiple grade levels too. {no longer available}

Money  Games

Teach Junkie - Teaching Money with Games and Anchor Charts {Free Download}
source: thebrownbagteacher.blogspot.com

I think this “Love and War” game is a brilliant way to practice adding coins in combination. Students will compare the value of the coins when added together in order to see which player’s card is worth more.

Follow the typical “war” playing card rules to find a winner. While this was originally created to be played during Valentine’s, the value of it can last all year.

A great game to be played in pairs or to add to a math center. {Free download}

Money Printable

Teach Junkie - Teaching Money with Games and Anchor Charts {Free Download}
source: breezyspecialed.blogspot.com

Teaching money should also include application. So whether you set up a pretend shop, tie it into your classroom behavior management economy or discuss money management… application is key.

Here is a “reading bills” printable that will let students see a bill, learn how to read it and then can “pay” it. You could create specific bills to go with your class work or have them show two ways to pay in cash.

This was originally created for special education students, but could be used by gen. ed classes too. {Free download}

Thanks to these 3 free printables, we now have more tools in our arsenal of digital downloads for teaching money. What works great for you when you work on adding coins, bills and practice application?

Do your students think money comes only in the form of plastic cards? {wink}

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