5 Free Goals and Objectives Whiteboard Headers

Many public school teachers are being asked or required to post goals and objectives that coordinate with their standards, like Common Core Standards. Here are 5 free goals and objectives subject headers that are perfect for a whiteboard. Covering the main subjects, you can post your daily info right next to these saving time.

5 Free Goals and Objectives Whiteboard Headers - Teach Junkie
source: classykinders.blogspot.com

Goals and Objective Subject Headers

These 5 subject headers include science & social studies, reading, math, language arts and writing. They have a chalkboard-feeling background with white stitching and a fun font. Simply adhere these to a bulletin board, a white board or a chalkboard even and you can quickly post your goals or objectives for the day or week. You could also use these to create a daily schedule or an agenda. I think they’d also make a nice front cover for a student binder or folder in the middle grades.


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