Space Saving Solution for Classroom Library Book Storage


Organize your classroom library using inexpensive or free materials. Storing books in a small closet space or another space-saving location doesn’t mean you have to dig through them all or use bulky bins to keep it organized. This solution is free and works with any system of categorizing books you already use.

Don’t have a system to categorize your books yet? Here are some top ways to organize your classroom library.

Space Saving Solution for Book Storage

How To Organize Space Saving Solution for Classroom Library Book Storage

Step 1.  Decide how many categories you’ll need to store and create labels for them. Get the same amount of paint sticks for free from your local warehouse store. Wooden rulers will work too.

Step 2.  Write the category name on both ends of the label. Fold the labels in half.

Space Saving Solution for Book Storage

Step 3.  Stick or adhere the label onto the end of the paint stick (or ruler). Ensure the category name is visible on both sides.

Space Saving Solution for Book Storage

Step 4.  Place your sticks in between your book categories when books are standing upright. Keep sticks of categories that are being stored elsewhere (like on display in the classroom) together. You’ll see that I have a tupperware breadbox keeping my extra category sticks ready at hand.

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