Art and Music Sub Plan Ideas

Create a sub plan so that you are good to go in the event of needing a substitute teacher as an art teacher or music teacher can make your life easier. There are many tips on putting together a sub plan and here are a few to get your started. These ideas will cover tips using grade level appropriate plans for music and art teachers.

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Teach Junkie: Art and Music Sub Plan Ideas

Art Class Sub Plan Ideas

Art teachers need sub plans too. Here are four lesson plan ideas that should help make creating plans simplified, especially in a pinch! Regular classroom teachers could use these too to let a little creativity into their sub’s day.

Grade Level List – There are two ideas per grade level and the lessons are already listed out for you. {Free download}

Teach Junkie: Art and Music Sub Plan Ideas, Sub Binder and Emergency Sub Plans

Pinterest Collection – A collection of pins may just be the right place to find some art lesson plan ideas to use with a substitute teacher. Some include game options which will be fun for students.

Game Plan – Having a game plan in place makes you feel better about having an unplanned absence. Read this game plan to see if it’ll work for you.

Quick Lesson – Markers and paper are the perfect ingredients for just needing one day’s lesson plans. This activity creates a beautiful product and works on filling the entire page.

Teach Junkie: Art and Music Sub Plan Ideas, Sub Binder and Emergency Sub Plans

Music Class Sub Plan Ideas

Reading Music Folders –  Create reading folders for students from leftover magazines or curriculum materials. These can make for great sub plan materials to have students do a variety of activities.

Teach Junkie: Art and Music Sub Plan Ideas, Sub Binder and Emergency Sub Plans

Music Survey, America the Beautiful and the Basics – Beth has great tips on planning activities for music class. She shares a survey to get feedback from students, how to adapt a lesson with America the Beautiful for all grades and the basics of what she puts together for a sub.

Thank you creative, sharing teachers  for such great tips on making having a sub easier in art and music. Feel free to grab the “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” blog button as your creations are definitely worth the shout out. {Woot!}

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