The Easiest Way to Send Home Work Simply at the End of the Year

When I found this idea just before the school year ended, I was very excited! It’s a simple way how to send home student work at the end of the year

Here was the perfect solution to send everything home (student work) at the end of the year.

Teach Junkie: How to Send Home Work SIMPLY {End of the Year}

The creator of this idea calls her tip, “snuggle bags.” The premise behind them is that the work being sent home is worth some one-on-one time reviewing the great work the student did over the year.

I was excited to try it with my own kindergarten class!

I always loved the day when we take home our stuff, but always hated just seeing everything crammed into backpacks.

It didn’t do justice to all of the hard work we did in our year-long packets and booklets. What’s more, is that this teacher has the secret to passing out tons of papers in no time.

Here’s how you do it

  1. Get paper grocery bags (one for each student)
  2. Print out a free printable label (see the link below). Add student names to each bag.
  3. Pass out student papers and work while sitting in a circle. When students get a paper, they add it to their bag.
  4. Staple the bags shut and attach the printable. (Add a personal message if you want)

I took the leap and tried both her secret of how to pass out papers and sending home work in snuggle bags. Both worked flawlessly and it was a system I will use every year.

My students were excited to take home their snuggle bags (which I actually was given for free at our local grocery store) and I loved how simple it all was.

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