Coolest Parts of a Plant DIY Viewer


The coolest way to observe parts of a plant and the life cycle of a plant in the classroom. Roughly for the price of a composition notebook, here’s one clever way to grow plants for observation and measuring in any grade!

Yes, you can still use Dixie cups or Ziploc baggies, but this method is a cooler way to watch the life cycle of a plant.

Growing Plants in the Classroom Just Got Cooler - Teach Junkie

Parts of a Plant Observation DIY Viewer

Grab a set of clear, slim CD cases the next time you see them on sale. Students plant their soil and seed in the CD case.

Use the case hinges edge to simply add water with an eyedropper and leave them in the sunlight. What makes using the case so cool is that students can write on the cases to label their parts of a plant, measure plant growth and gives a good “frame” with which to record observations.

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