How to Read

Fun and creative teaching ideas to help students learn to read – reading comprehension, basic reading instruction, and more.

Valentine Fry Fluency Phrases - Teach Junkie

Valentine Fry Fluency Phrases

Get reading fluency into your third grade classroom with a fun Valentine fry fluency phrases game. This free 18 page “bang” style game is designed to help third graders develop their fluency skills. It’s a fun way to learn how to read. Students will enjoy reading phrases fluently with fun red and pink monsters on …

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5 Steps to Building Accuracy in Young Readers - Teach Junkie

5 Steps to Building Accuracy in Young Readers

Ever wondered how to help the reader who doesn’t have major comprehension issues, but regularly reads inaccurately? Here are 5 steps to help build accuracy into young readers to help address this issue. You’ll love that it may be more simple than you thought and that it’s easy to build right into your first grade reading …

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5 Quick Sight Word Helpers for Everyday Use - Teach Junkie

5 Quick Sight Word Helpers for Everyday Use

Sight words are invaluable to beginning readers. Here are 8 quick sight word helpers for teaching how to read sight words. These helpers can give you ideas, tips and resources for practicing sight words whole class and with small groups. You’ll find that games, emergent readers, gross motor movement and highlighting high frequency words are all …

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Sight Words Scavenger Hunt - Teach Junkie

Sight Words Scavenger Hunt

Take your students on a sight words scavenger hunt. Here is a guided reading group lesson idea to help teach spelling patterns in text. Helping students learn spelling patterns, like silent e or oo as in boot can help them learn to decode and attempt using word attack strategies on their own. By using guided …

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Reading Comprehension Strategy Checklist - Teach Junkie

Reading Comprehension Strategy Checklist

Reading comprehension is the ultimate goal of teaching students how to read. Here is a good image of a reading comprehension checklist of most, if not all, of the strategies taught in the primary grades. Of course, we want them to love to read – but they only will if they are understanding what it is …

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52 Printable Emergent Readers for All Year Long

52 Free Emergent Readers for All Year Long

Emergent readers play a big role in learning how to read. These 52 emergent readers are all free and all teacher-created! There are Holiday emergent readers, alphabet and sight words,  themed printable readers, non-fiction, book based and vocabulary readers too! How wonderful to be able to work on reading comprehension along with emerging reading skills all …

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Sight Word Action Spelling - Ninja Style

Sight Words Action Spelling – Ninja Style

Learning to spell sight words is fun when you do it ninja style! Here are lots of action-packed ways to get kids moving as they practice spelling their sight words in kindergarten and first grade. Sight words will be easier for students to learn when they are active and engaging their body and mind. Sight Words …

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