How To Organize Classroom Crayons


Here is a great solution to keeping crayons organized in a kindergarten classroom and solving the issue of not having the right colors on hand for projects. Like organization and finding ways to keep stuff organized? Then this classroom organization tip is for you.

Organize Classroom Crayons

Use popsicle trays to keep crayons sorted at the tables. Perfect for kindergarten or transitional kindergarten group tables.

Teach Junkie: How To Organize Classroom Crayons

This size holds 6-7 small crayons perfectly in the middle of each table and promotes sorting skills! With a quick glance, you can make sure that there are enough crayons of each color for everyone at the table.
No more crayon boxes that fall apart or students saying, “I don’t have a red crayon.” :)

Buy these trays when they go on clearance at the end of the summer and use the colorful pop handles for your estimation jar.

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  • Mina Sk. Athens

    Hi. Great job! I love your ideas and especially the one with the crayon trays.How I could get some of those? I ‘m from Athens Greece. Can you contact with me via e-mail if it ‘s not too much trouble? I ‘m really intrested. Thank you.