4 Creative Snowflakes You Have to Make This Year

No matter where you teach, it’s time to bring snowflakes in the classroom. Here are 4 of the coolest and creative snowflakes you’ll want to make with your class. You’ll love that with a little science and technology – these snowflake projects will last for a long time!

4 Creative Snowflakes You Have to Make This Year

Creative Snowflakes

  1. Snow Crystals Art Project – Paint an easy solution of epsom salts over your drawing a presto – instant snowman crystallized art!
  2. Borax Crystal Snowflakes – Hang in your window and let the sun shine through. No matter where you live, you can allow the perfect {not cold or wet} snowfall into your classroom. Here’s how to do an entire class set in one container.
  3. Stunning Digital Snowflakes – Perfect as a planner to before students cut snowflakes out of coffee filters… just be sure they’d know how tricky it might be to make smaller cuts.
  4. Personalized Name Snowflake – build on name symmetry and take it to a whole new level.

What amazing creative snowflakes these really are! If you try these out in your classroom, be sure to let us know how they turn out!

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