27 New Year’s Teacher Tools for January


Ring in the new year wishes with these 27 teacher tools. You’ll find a collection of New Year’s worksheets, resolutions freebies, crafts, activities, gifts for students and Chinese New Year ideas too! Have a happy new year with your class and celebrate the coming of 2015.

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New Year Wishes Worksheets: 27 New Year's Teacher Tools for January - Teach Junkie

New Year Wishes Worksheets

1. Thinking about a New Year Worksheet – A single page printable (or poster size) to feature new year’s reflections.

2. New Year’s Eve Survey – A single page printable that has students describe their favorites.

3. Math and Language Arts Pack – A first grade set of activities featuring matching time to the hour, greater than, less than or equal to, addition and abc order.

4. New Year Wishes and More  – This packet is a set pf printables to help ring in 2015.

Resolutions Freebies: 27 New Year's Teacher Tools for January - Teach Junkie

Resolutions Freebies

5. Writing Booklet – A back to school in January booklet of writing prompts with fun graphics.

6. Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution – A writing template to go along with the great New Year read aloud.

7. Writing Paper – A simple first grade template with room for illustrations.

8. Remembering Last Year, All About Me – Here is a set of pages to reflect on 2014 and look forward to 2015.

New Year's Crafts: 27 New Year's Teacher Tools for January - Teach Junkie

New Year’s Crafts

9. Ringing in the New Year Bells – Students can write their goals for 2015 down onto a free bell-shaped template.

10. New Year Kid Faces & Hats – Cut and paste sweet little kid faces and party hats to accompany your New Year’s writing pieces. Add party blowers for a 3d effect.

11. Goal Paper Strip Firecrackers – With a paper tube and goals written on strips, students can create a firecracker writing display.

12. New Year Hats – A cute little cut and paste hat with the year, a star on top.

Happy New Year Activities: 27 New Year's Teacher Tools for January - Teach Junkie

Happy New Year Activities

13. Party Blower Syllables – Instead of clapping or tapping syllables, have your students sounding out the number of syllables in a word using party blowers.

14. Flap Books Resolutions – Lift the flap on the numbers in 2015 to write down goals for the new year.

15. Photo Booth Props – Set up a fun an silly photo booth for students to take photos. Add printed photos to your resolutions writing for a grand display.

16. Find Somebody Who – Here is a fun way to get students discussing what they did over winter break by asking questions of their classmates.

17. Roll and Cover Dice Addition Games – Adding with a New Year’s themed game makes it much more fun.

Poems to Ring in the New Year: 27 New Year's Teacher Tools for January - Teach Junkie

Poems to Ring in the New Year

18. Happy New Year Poem – A poem to welcome back students to school in January.

19. Think Think Think Poem – A way to help describe resolutions to kids.

Classroom Gifts for Students: 27 New Year's Teacher Tools for January - Teach Junkie

Classroom Gifts for Students

20. Hi-lite of the New Year – Replenish your hi-lighter stash with these cute gift tags.

21. Happy New Year Pencil Flags – Simple to cut and paste around the end of new pencil. Great for all grade levels.

22. Bright New Year Glow Sticks – Wish a bright new year with glow sticks and a simple printable tag.

Chinese New Year Ideas: 27 New Year's Teacher Tools for January - Teach Junkie

Chinese New Year Ideas

23. Chinese Paper Plate Drums – Create Chinese New Year drums with paper plates in this easy tutorial.

24. Chinese Paper Lanterns Tutorial – Construction paper and scissors are all it takes to make these Chinese New Year paper lanterns.

25. Paper Chinese Dragons Art Project – With black paper, string and scrap paper – each dragon is unique!

26. Paper Plate Dragon Scales – This collaborative project would be great for an entire grade level to work on to create a master display for the Chinese New Year.

27. Roll Dice Activities – These ready to go activities will have students rolling a die to draw, race and cover Chinese New Year-inspired images.

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