3 Quick Ways to Celebrate Presidents Day

Celebrate Presidents Day with three quick printable resources for your elementary classroom. Play a memory match game, roll-a-cube or roll and color in your White House to integrate learning about the presidents and our Nation.

3 Quick Ways to Celebrate Presidents Day - Teach Junkie
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Celebrate Presidents Day

  1. Teach your students grade level appropriate facts about our Presidents. Use these printable activities to help reinforce what you’ve taught. Play a Presidents’ Day memory matching game using American symbols like Mt. Rushmore and the bald eagle.
  2. Get creative on how to use these American symbol cubes to work on reviewing Presidents Day facts and use them to celebrate Presidents day in a fun way.
  3. Reinforce addition practice with a White House add-n-color playing mat. You can also slip these into plastic sheet protectors and have students circle their answers to reuse over as a center activity.
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