9 Lesson Plans for Your Leftover Easter Eggs


Shake it up long after Easter is over by using Easter Eggs for lots of lesson plans. Here are 9 ways you can use those eggs on sale to work on math and reading. You’ll love this hack to keep your hard work in tact if you’re going to write on Easter eggs. Keep students engaged with these novel activities!

9 Lesson Plans for Your Leftover Easter Eggs - Teach Junkie

Eggcellent Number Match – Create your own clues to match up two halves of a plastic Easter egg to complete the puzzles. Use multiple of the same color to make it more difficult.

9 Lesson Plans for Your Leftover Easter Eggs - Counting Coins - Teach Junkie
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Counting Coin Egg Hunt – Students count the coins in an egg and record the amount on the free printable worksheet.

Scrambled, Fried or Multplied – Solve multiplication facts by putting the correct pieces together. You could do this with any set of math facts that your students need to practice with!

9 Lesson Plans for Your Leftover Easter Eggs - Create Your Own Math Problems - Teach Junkie
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Create Your Own Math Problems – Students will love to create and solve their own math problems by using the halves of the eggs to make them. They color the matching pieces on their recording sheet.

9 Lesson Plans for Your Leftover Easter Eggs - Word Families - Teach Junkie
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Word Families – With multiple beginning letter options on one egg half, create a fun list of word family words. Have your students record them and get “points” for real vs. nonsense words recorded!

9 Lesson Plans for Your Leftover Easter Eggs - Ping Pong Word Families - Teach Junkie
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Ping Pong Word Families – Change out your magnetic letters for ping pong balls – or go with Easter eggs on this one too. Fill an egg carton with CVC words and work on changing sounds in all positions for young readers.

Easter Eggs in the Classroom

Mixed Up Spelling Words – Create paper letter tiles that spell out your spelling words. Place the tiles into eggs and let students solve the word and record it (spelled correctly) with the matching egg color on a simple recording worksheet.

9 Lesson Plans for Your Leftover Easter Eggs - 5 Easter Egg Activities in a Jiffy - Teach Junkie
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5 Easter Egg Activities in a Jiffy – You’ll love this set of ideas on how to use eggs to work on fractions, place value, making inferences or creating their own equations.

9 Lesson Plans for Your Leftover Easter Eggs - Root Words Game - Teach Junkie
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Root Words Game – Take two root words and create a definition based on the meaning. Turn it into a “game” by working in small groups to compare and decide upon a “realistic” definition as a team.

There you have it – nine ways you can use those Easter eggs in the classroom for standards based lesson plans. And since they’re always on sale in April, it’s a perfect fit. Capitalize on the hands-on aspect to get your students engaged in learning.

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